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So, remember how I said I had nothing against Christmas shopping at department stores?

It was with good reason.

You know what I’m talking about, guys. You have a busy life. Weekends and evenings close to Christmas fill up with plans, parties and catch-ups over mulled cider at the Christmas markets. You sacrifice your November paycheque to the twin goddesses of the Black Friday sales and those teeny, tiny pancakes they have now. Before you know it, you’re hanging on for the magical, bottomless envelope that is pre-Christmas pay (good up until Hogmanay drinks! just one more round!) and the promise of late-night shopping.

John Lewis Secret Santa - wrapped gifts
John Lewis Secret Santa - wrapped gifts and nosy cat

What I’m saying is: I knew going into the John Lewis Blogger Secret Santa campaign that the store is a one-stop shop for gifts for just about everybody on your Christmas list, and I had the experience to back it up. But what I think shopping for a mystery fellow blogger brought home to me was just what a great selection they have on price, as well as on type of gift or potential recipient.

Just take a look at their Secret Santa range. With gifts ranging from pocket money prices up to £20 and featured brands including Hotel Chocolat, Tatty Devine, Molton Brown and Pusheen, there’s a very strong argument that John Lewis is your secret weapon should your office be waiting until 1st December rolls around to spring a dreaded departmental gift exchange on you.

Right, preliminaries over: let’s take a look and see what my Secret Santa picked out for me!

John Lewis Secret Santa - wrapped gifts
John Lewis Secret Santa - Knock Knock My Awesome Week mouse pad

First up, my gift from the Secret Santa section: this ah-ma-zing mouse pad from Knock Knock, one of my favourite quirky stationery brands (you may remember them from such posts as my favourite-person-leaving-the-country gift guide). Now, my Secret Santa can’t possibly have known this, as I haven’t mentioned it here, but I recently switched to a paper-based planning system at the day job and it’s made my life so much easier: both the taking a few minutes at the start of the week to see which stories I need to keep an eye out for, and the having a physical presence on my desk to remind me who’s in and doing what on any given day. But the tiny seven-day pad I was using just ran out, and I kept forgetting to bring in something else…

This mouse mat sized desk pad joined me in the office this week, and is already getting a lot of love (Wednesday being Supreme Court judgment day, after all…). It has 60 sheets, which means starting now won’t stop me from using it right through 2018, and it provides me with daily reminders of my awesomeness. What’s not to love?

John Lewis Secret Santa - wrapped gifts
John Lewis Secret Santa - Cat Bingo

CAT. BINGO. Santa, I cannot begin to tell you how much delight that which you almost undoubtedly saw as a bit of a “gag” gift has generated within me. You see, when Jehane and I visited the cat cafe during our trip to Derby, they had a copy of this beautifully-realised but also educational (it comes with a fact sheet of cat breeds, you guys) game to hand. But, despite my curiosity, I never got the chance to investigate, because it was at somebody else’s table.

I am at least 75% sure that there is nobody in my life willing to play this game with me. Certainly, nobody in my house. I’m counting on somebody to prove me wrong over the Christmas period.

John Lewis Secret Santa - Kate Spade photo frame
John Lewis Secret Santa - Kate Spade photo frame

My last gift came with the familiar heft and packaging of one of my all-time favourite brands. This glitzy Kate Spade photo frame is now officially the classiest-looking piece of homeware that I own, and the trouble will be finding a sufficiently special photo to place inside of it. Now: for my desk in the office, or my desk at home..?

I honestly couldn’t be happier with my Secret Santa gifts. Whoever was picking for me somehow managed to capture my loves of stationery, sparkly things and cats to a tee – so much so that I can’t believe my Santa was a stranger. I keep refreshing my Bloglovin’ feed, waiting to see who else was a participant – but I’m really stumped!

Are you a fan of the Secret Santa tradition? ‘Fess up: do you have any inappropriate Secret Santa gift stories?

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This post contains gifted items, but all views are my own and unbiased.



  1. November 30, 2017 / 3:28 pm

    Wow, super thoughtful and gorgeous gifts! This sounds like fun. I participated in a blogger organized gift swap earlier this year and really enjoyed it. 🙂