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So far, my autumn has consisted of one bad cold after another. The internet tells me that it’s not possible to catch the flu from the flu vaccine so we’ll just chalk that one up to coincidence, shall we; then I had a couple of weeks respite before it started up again. I am thankful for my winter inhaler prescription, and for lovely Christine at work for leaving regular hot lemon and honey drinks on my desk.

So it’s fair to say I’ve been taking it easy this past couple of weekends.

Bonsoir of London pyjamas review
Bonsoir of London pyjamas review

I’m not a “good” invalid. I get cruddy and grumpy and gross. When I’m under the weather, I retreat under my duvet and drift in and out of consciousness amidst a sea of snotty tissues. So this weekend I thought I’d do things slightly differently: I got up, had a bath and changed into a pair of crisp, clean Bonsoir of London cotton pyjamas*. And then I retreated under the throw on the sofa and drifted in and out of consciousness amidst a sea of snotty tissues.

Bonsoir of London pyjamas review
Bonsoir of London pyjamas review

Founded in 1926, Bonsoir was born in the era of the “cocktail pyjama” – luxury loungewear in which the fashionable ladies of the day would entertain their guests. Sound too good to be true? Well, there’s more than one mention of it on Google, so I’m choosing to believe it’s true. Although the closest I got towards greeting a guest in these was the Domino’s delivery man, so I’m a fine one to talk.

The modern-day Bonsoir offers timeless, stylish nightwear in traditional designs and with exceptional attention to detail. They use the highest quality fabrics: soft, warm brushed cotton; cool cotton lawn; satin-stripe cotton; Italian printed silk and woven cashmere. And with much of the sewing done in-house at the Bonsoir sewing room in Somerset you can count on the quality, be it piping, ribbon ties or hand-sewn buttons.

The sky blue Bonsoir damask pyjamas are the most luxurious things I have ever owned: elegant, flattering and super-cosy. The style is nipped in slightly at the waist, which meant that even though I had to size up I still got to look cute. Bonsoir pride themselves on comfort and fit, so were insistent that I sent my slightly-too-small first pair back.

Pyjamas as a Christmas gift might seem a little tired, but I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t be delighted to unwrap something this gorgeous.

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My Purrfect Gift Box pumpkin and cinnamon cupcakes

Throw in a good book, and some pumpkin cinnamon cupcakes courtesy of the recipe from October’s baking-themed My Purrfect Gift Box*, and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect self-care Sunday right there. Now, if I could just shift this bug…

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