signed and sealed these words in blood: last month’s mix, january 2013;

In which, even when she is being the world’s (second) most rubbish and lazy music blogger (from Paisley), Lis puts together a selection of songs that have caught her attention through the joys of iTunes shuffle this month.

I’ll be honest and admit that, yes, I was a little late in preparing the first monthly mix of 2013. However, I swear I wasn’t this late: the file’s been up and ready to post since the first weekend in February. It’s just, you know, descriptions! And links! They take time, and time has not been something I have had in abundance since the year changed. It has mostly been for good reasons, but with the follow-up due at some point in the next few days (and a three-day work week meaning that there is a chance I might even get around to it) I suspect I’m better just shoving this up and being done with it.

Attractive in the Wrong Direction: last month’s mix, January 2013

1. Ólöf Arnalds: “Perfect”
We begin with what is actually the closing track from the ethereal Icelandic ice princess’ third album – her first sung entirely in English. Buy Sudden Elevation

2. Chvrches: “The Mother We Share”
It’s hardly an idle bet to suggest that 2013 could belong to Chvrches. Scotland’s electro-pop darlings are off on tour this week and while there’s plenty to be said for the dark art of hype, there is no denying that this first single is a damn fine song.

3. Wintersleep: “Nothing is Anything (Without You)”
Previously-featured Canadian indie-pop is an ideal choice to support Frightened Rabbit at their tickets-so-hot-I-won’t-be-reviewing-it homecoming show later this week.
Buy Hello Hum

4. Bear Driver: “No Time to Speak”
Could have sworn this was a submission, but if so it was that long ago I don’t even have the email anymore. Rather good London-based indie. Buy Bear Driver

5. Anders & Kendall: “We’re On Fire, Babe”
Here on LYG, we first heard of Anders Parker thanks to his role in the Woody Guthrie project New Multitudes with Jay Farrar, Jim James and Will Johnson, but he’s also the frontman of indie-rock band Varnaline. Kendall Meade is a longtime friend and collaborator, and frontwoman of Mascott. Wild Chorus is their first proper project together, and it’s gorgeous.

6. Rebecca Pronsky: “Better That Way”
Folk-inspired Brooklyn songwriter, who will be on tour in the UK next month as her new album Only Daughter is released. Pronsky will be appearing at Woodend Bowling Club on 20th March.

7. Tashaki Miyaki: “Unsatisfied”
Los Angeles dream-pop three-piece cover The Replacements in session for Aquarium Drunkard.

8. Solange: “Look Good With Trouble”
The shortest track from Ms Knowles the Younger’s new mini-album, and as excellent as most of it.

9. The History of Apple Pie: “Glitch”
I’ve been raving about this London fuzz-pop five-piece for so long I think I’ve run out of superlatives. But that’s fine, because they’ve quoted some of my previous ones on their press release. Buy Out of View

10. Fawn Spots: “Recorder”
Super scuzzy slacker punk. The band have done a split LP with Cum Stain, who sadly are as bad as their name, but these guys are really good.

11. Cuddly Shark: “Body Mass Index”
From The Road to Ugly, Armellodie’s first 2013 release. I interviewed the band last month.

12. Dropkick Murphys: “Rose Tattoo”
Buy Signed And Sealed In Blood

13. Annabelle Chvostek Ensemble: “Ona (In Toronto I Get More Hugs, In Montréal I Get More Kisses)”
Quirky, gorgeous Canadian alt-folk. Buy Rise.

14. Leland Sundries: “Giving Up Redheads”
Poetic indie-folk from Brooklyn, gifted to me by my friend Aggie – she included this in her 2012 mix, and it was impossible to listen to without smiling. It’s from The Foundry EP.

15. Rick Redbeard: “Any Way I Can”
A heartbreaking baritone, and perhaps my favourite album of 2013 so far. Buy No Selfish Heart.

16. Yusuf Azak: “Sanctuary”
Can we close the first mix with a favourite from 2012? Yusuf’s vocals are timeless, so I’d say so. From Go Native.

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