something to remember me by: last month’s mix, september 2008;

Faithful, lovely readers: I had so many plans to follow up an inbox full of bookmarked leads before I went away, but for various reasons that mostly boil down to SOZ IR CRAP you’re going to have to wait. But, regardless of whatever blogging I might manage from Australia (sorry guys, I have other priorities) I’ve managed to put together September’s mix to keep you going until I get back.

I’m even taking a notebook.

Live In Melbourne: last month’s mix, September 2008
1. Destroyer: “State of the Union”
2. The Airborne Toxic Event: “Sometime Around Midnight”
3. The Shins: “Australia”
4. Dodos: “Walking”
5. Nanci Griffith: “Boots of Spanish Leather”
6. Josh Pyke: “Memories and Dust”
7. The Avett Brothers: “Will You Return?”
8. Whiskeytown: “Kiss and Make-Up”
9. Big Star: “September Gurls”
10. Jenny Lewis: “See Fernando”
11. Throwing Muses: “Bright Yellow Gun”
12. Lucero: “Slow Dancing”
13. The Great Bloomers: “Catching Up”
14. Okkervil River: “Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed on the Roof of the Chelsea Hotel, 1979”
15. Sun Kil Moon: “Salvador Sanchez” (acoustic)
16. Tegan and Sara: “Dancing in the Dark” (live in Melbourne)
17. Tom Waits: “On The Nickel”

[zipped .mp3s, left click and save]

Monthly Most Played will return next month, as I’m away for pizza and then grabbing a couple of hours sleep before my 4am start. In the meantime, you can probably catch me on Twitter.

[PHOTO: Day 34]