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This will – quite rightly – earn me a fair bit of mockery, but at the back of my head I kind of thought that The Bodyguard already was a musical. Hear me out: I was the sort of kid who’d rather create her own worlds while reading rather than immerse herself in somebody else’s, to the point that I’d often sneak upstairs when my brother and sister were watching the films my contemporaries grew up on. With the exception of the sort of films a father of three small children was likely to take them along to every second Sunday (primarily by Disney), I’m familiar with very little cinema before about 1998. Among the films I’ve never seen all the way through are The Goonies, Jaws and the middle two Indiana Jones films. So bearing in mind this background, and the fact that I’d wager the thing that most people who have never seen The Bodyguard are familiar with is a mangled cover of a Dolly Parton song (sorry: it’s true), you should maybe be able to see a little of where I’m coming from.

Alright, I’m fooling nobody.

The point, my friends, is this: an actual musical based on The Bodyguard opened at London’s Adelphi Theatre last year. As one of those jukebox types, it’s had mixed reviews – including from my colleagues – but with the multi-award winning soul singer Beverley Knight making her West End debut in the role that Whitney Houston made famous from September it looks like a good night out. I might be from the school of melissima does not maketh emotion when it comes to singing, but Houston was a huge talent and the musical features all the songs of hers that I loved: “How Will I Know”; “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”; and, sounding fantastic above, “Queen of the Night”.

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