stop pretending art is hard: last year’s mixes, 2012;

So, those monthly mixtapes of mine really didn’t happen in 2012, did they? Not that anybody seemed to notice, or at least if they did they didn’t say. I know that nobody really downloads music these days anyway, with your streams and your Spotifies and what have you, but that doesn’t really matter. If I’m making these mixes as a record, for myself (and it does make me a little sad that I have nothing since March) I might as well keep sharing them.

Besides, our snazzy BT Infinity internet connection in the Home for Cats and Writers (which really needs a better name) uploaded this 45-track .zip in about as many seconds. So it’s not as if it’s a massive inconvenience.

ART IS HARD - LYG 2012 mix cover art

Click through for high(er)-res cover art.

Quit the Bitching on Yr Blog
and stop Pretending Art is Hard: Last Year’s Mix, 2012

Vol. 1: 1. John K Samson, “Heart of the Continent”; 2. Damien Jurado, “Working Titles”; 3. BOY, “Skin”; 4. The Corin Tucker Band, “Neskowin”; 5. Jenny Owen Youngs, “Pirates”; 6. Fear of Men, “Green Sea”; 7. First Aid Kit, “The Lion’s Roar”; 8. Kathleen Edwards, “Sidecar”; 9. The Lumineers, “Classy Girls”; 10. Lucero, “On My Way Downtown”; 11. Kasey Anderson & the Honkies, “Older Guys”; 12. PAWS, “Jellyfish”; 13. Adam Stafford, “Vanishing Tanks”; 14. RM Hubbert (with Aidan Moffat & Alex Kapranos), “Car Song”; 15. Bruce Springsteen, “We Are Alive”

Vol. 2 1. Japandroids, “Younger Us”; 2. Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra, “Want It Back”; 3. A Band Called Quinn, “Oh Jackie”; 4. Andrew Bird, “Danse Carribe”; 5. Withered Hand, “Heart Heart”; 6. The Mountain Goats, “Lakeside View Apartment Suite”; 7. The Menzingers, “Casey”; 8. Father John Misty, “Only Son of the Ladiesman”; 9. Frank Ocean, “Lost”; 10. Yusuf Azak, “Smile Tactics”; 11. Emma Pollock, “Dark Skies”; 12. Sinead O’Connor, “Queen of Denmark”; 13. Sera Cahoone, “Nervous Wreck”; 14. Miaoux Miaoux, “Stop the Clocks”; 15. Best Coast, “Up All Night”

Vol. 3 1. Franz Nicolay, “The Migration of the Cuckoo”; 2. Arran Arctic, “Covers”; 3. Fiona Apple, “Daredevil”; 4. Louise McVey & Cracks in the Concrete, “Circus”; 5. Matthew Ryan, “And It’s Such a Drag”; 6. Meursault, “Settling”; 7. La Sera, “I Can’t Keep You in My Mind”; 8. Titus Andronicus, “In a Big City”; 9. GASHCAT, “Lady of the Ark”; 10. Sharon van Etten, “Serpents”; 11. Nelson Can, “People’s Republic of China”; 12. Regina Spektor, “Firewood”; 13. Craig Finn, “Respective Coasts”; 14. Ryan Adams, “Round and Round”; 15. Cat Power, “3, 6, 9”