Last Year’s Girl is a PR-friendly blog. A lot has changed since I first started Writing On The Internet back in the late ’90s, so if you’ve got something you think would be a good fit for my blog I’d love to hear from you. As of April 2015, all gifted items will be clearly marked with a * or as c/o. You’ll only ever get honest opinions on this blog: the only editorial line I toe is my own.

BANDS: As of April 2015, I have to admit that I no longer listen to everything I get sent. This is usually because, a lot of the time, people send streams these days and the only way I could possibly keep up would be to quit my job and chain myself to Soundcloud all day. Against all the advice you read on how to get noticed by blogs and journalists, if you’ve got something you think I should hear please send it in a format that I can download and add to my music library, and make sure it is properly tagged. Any music reviews will be honest – it’s my fricking job, you guys – but I don’t “disclose” as such because I get so much music I couldn’t possibly remember if I got sent it or if I came across it some other way.

BRANDS: I’m always keen to collaborate with up and coming and established businesses, try out new restaurants and shops, and preview Glasgow happenings that would appeal to the creative, cultural folks who care about my opinion on such things. I’m open to sponsorships, giveaways and products for review, although all opinions will be honest and paid-for content disclosed. I don’t do pre-written content, advertorials or links to gambling sites, and I’m not keen on selling straightforward advertising space.

Drop me a line at lisamarie [at] pixlet [dot] net, and we’ll take it from there.