a ten year stringerversary: travel ideas for couples;

Last week, Stringer and I reached 10 years together as a couple. Our wedding anniversary and his birthday are also this month, so I didn’t get him anything (other than an awesome wife, obviously), but I did get a necklace made for myself by House of Wonderland because I thought it would be funny.

Ferla Hearts Stringer necklace

Ain’t NOBODY’S Mrs

Something that’s been bugging me a little recently is that despite the length of time we’ve been together, Stringer and I have been on very few holidays just the two of us. Now, there are some good reasons for this: neither of us is the type to do the traditional all-inclusive hotel/beach holiday for example; and the nature of Stringer’s job means that by the time I’ve tagged along to Bouchercon with him we don’t really have the budget for anything else. I am unbelievably excited to visit New Orleans in September – it’s a city I’ve always wanted to see, but also one I could quite easily have never gotten around to without the excuse of the conference. But I’m also a little sad, because I know Stringer will be working for most of it.

Call this post a wishlist of sorts, of the places we might go in the next 10 years…

New York

Because we might as well start with somewhere we have visited together, including on our honeymoon in 2010.

Lis and Jay - New York

You know you’ve found your forever person when not only do you share the same favourite Bob Dylan album (Blood on the Tracks, obviously) but also the same favourite city in the world. Confession: we actually looked into whether we could spend a few days in New York again this year, given that we can’t fly direct to New Orleans anyway – but money simply wasn’t on our side.

A European city break

You know, take advantage of our European passports and cheap Easyjet flights while we can, etc – and not just for a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Lis and Jay - Dublin

Right now I’ve got my heart set on a weekend away in one of the cities that’s famed for its festive markets: Brussels maybe, or Amsterdam. The problem we always come back to is one of budget: if we’re saving up to take a trip together, we’d rather just go to New York. Whoops.

A UK staycation

Of course, one way around the budget issue is just to stay here in the UK.

Lis and Jay - Largs

Looking through old photographs to find some to illustrate this post with, I found lots of fun memories of trips that Stringer and I have taken together over the years: bank holidays in Largs, Hold Steady concerts in London and the Great Wolverhampton Wanderers Pitch Invasion of 2009. But what we don’t really have are trips taken just for the sake of it, and I’m not sure why that is. From a cottage in the Highlands to glamping in Devon, there’s lots of places that we could go just for the sake of it – and I can’t think of a better reason to do so than celebrating 10 years together.

That is, if I hadn’t already used up all my holiday time for the year…

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