the songs that make you feel like everything will be okay: last month’s mix, june 2010;

In which, even when she is being the world’s most rubbish and lazy music blogger, Lis puts together a selection of songs that have caught her attention through the joys of iTunes shuffle this month.

Jerry Lee Lewis Twenty Times A Day: last month’s mix, June 2010

1. Best Coast: “When I’m With You”
My Dear American Friend and sometime internet celebrity rockstar/heartthrob Martin Douglas Martin has this total thing for Best Coast and their scuzzy, melodic chick-rock right now, which leads me to conclude that at least one of them is smokin’ hot. Oh, look: there it is.

2. Blair: “Hello Halo”
A singer who’s been on my list to check out for a while now, not least because of my buddy Josh Neas’ longterm championing of her on his radio show. Blair’s voice is sweet and playful, and her simple sunny songwriting is reminiscent of Melanie Safka.

3. Kid Canaveral: “Smash Hits”
Does that make three mixes out of three for Edinburgh’s Kid Canaveral now? This track is so catchy that the day before my birthday I played it about twenty times on the way to work – and then I was thrilled to discover that the band themselves were playing down the road that same night. And then I drank eighty per cent proof vodka, causing twenty-eight to go downhill before it even properly began.

4. Jason and the Scorchers: “Golden Days”
This is a real Jay band, and a real Jay song – nineteen again and rooting through the vinyl with a guitar slung low across your shoulder.

5. Drunk on Crutches: “Apt. 16”
Gorgeous girl-fronted country, probably acquired from one of the fantastic new (to me) blogs I’ve been enjoying recently – such as A Fifty Cent Lighter and a Whiskey Buzz.

6. Meursault: “Crank Resolutions”
The best track from the debut album from what is probably the best band in Scotland right now.

7. Nina Nastasia: “Cry, Cry, Baby”
This song stands out from Nastasia’s new album Outlaster just because of where I fell in love with it: walking up Sauchiehall St on the way to the lady’s basement show at Sleazy’s.

8. My Bubba & Mi: “Apple Spell”
I was sent this album by a friend of mine, completely out of the blue. They’re Italian folk-punks, and they sound a little bit like Cocorosie without the shrill annoyingness.

9. Julia and the Doogans: “Borderline”
Sweet, folky, this-ain’t-a-lovesong from one of Glasgow’s loveliest voices.

10. Yeongene: “Love, Look At Me”
South Korean Yeongene’s debut album is sugary-sweet – a little too much for comfort at times, despite or perhaps because of the guest appearances from pretty much a who’s who of Glasgow indiepop. In small doses though, her cute voice makes a playlist sing.

11. The Gaslight Anthem: “The Diamond Church Street Choir”
And I think this is one of my favourite tracks from what so far is my favourite album of the year, although it’s all toe-tappin’ finger-clicky like nothing else they’ve ever done.

12. Wolf Parade: “Little Golden Age”
One of those indie darling bands I never really got into, but I do have a story about Wolf Parade and a mix exchange project I was a part of once: I was sent a CD with an accompanying ghost story, and at the appropriate moment their crashing, discordant chords made for the most perfect opening I had ever heard.

13. Dan Sartain: “Bad Thing Will Happen”
Stripped-down, spooky-sounding retro rockabilly.

14. FemBots: “My Hands Are A City”
This month’s track I know very little about: it’s bouncy, and fun, and the singer sounds like a grittier John K. Samson.

15. Admiral Fallow: “Subbuteo”
Another repeat entry from a Scottish band, whose folk-pop debut is one of breathtaking loveliness.


This may well be your last mix for a couple of months – I’m going to be a wee bit busy around the twentysomethingth of July, but I’ll see what I can do. Monthly Most Played after the jump.

Monthly Most Played as of June 2010:
1. Marah, “Walt Whitman Bridge” [=] 2. The Gaslight Anthem, “High Lonesome” [=] 3. The Hold Steady, “Banging Camp” [=] 4. The Gaslight Anthem, “We Came To Dance” [=] 5. The Gaslight Anthem, “The ’59 Sound” [=] 6. The Gaslight Anthem, “Old White Lincoln” [7] 7. The Gaslight Anthem, “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues” [8] 8= The Hold Steady, “Your Little Hoodrat Friend” [8] 8= The Hold Steady, “Lord, I’m Discouraged” [6] 10. The Hold Steady, “Constructive Summer” [RE]