there are things to come i can’t imagine: last month’s mix, september 2011;

In which, even when she is being the world’s most rubbish and lazy music blogger, Lis puts together a selection of songs that have caught her attention through the joys of iTunes shuffle this month.

But since she was practically hallucinating by the time she got this finished last night, she’s not really in the mood to provide quality commentary. I think my brain is currently the same colour as the underside of those clouds when I left Manchester last weekend.

Baby We’re Just Walking Hazards: last month’s mix, September 2011

1. Thao and Mirah: “Little Cup”
If I raved about albums more Thao Nguyen and Mirah’s collaboration would be close to the top of the list. Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs provides beat and production that are sometimes dreamy, sometimes dancy, and this – one of the finest tracks from the album – is most definitely one of the former. From the eponymous collaboration.

2. David Bazan: “Eating Paper”
I’m pretty desperate to hear Bazan play his Strange Negotiations songs on one of his famous house tours because they fall so heavy, so Pedro the Lion-esque, that I’m sure there’s something I’m missing. Buy the album directly.

3. Regrets and Brunettes: “Post Punk”
No idea where I came across this (or when, since it seems the album it’s from was a 2009 release) but I love the band name and the laidback sound enough to persevere. At Night You Love Me is on Bandcamp.

4. Best Coast: “Gone Again”
Because I saw them again at the tail end of last month and because this new song, from the Adult Swim Singles Club, is brilliant for all the same reasons you already love Best Coast and bittersweet for all the same ones I do.

5. Paws: “Booger”
My usual playlist-in-progress was heavily oversubscribed this month, but I think I managed to inadvertently knock off all the Scottish showing as I tried to wrestle it a little more compact. Paws were well worth the cut though – in fact, I daresay they’re one of the best and most raucous acts around here at the moment. This is from a Gerry Loves split 7″ – it has cats on it! It also has Lady North though, so it’s up to you.

6. Those Darlins: “Screws Get Loose”
The good Doctor slipped this band onto a mix CD for me once, but they’re not as twee as you’d think – the voice here might be gooey, but the lyrics have nails in them. You’d better buy it from the band, because they’re charging twenty quid on Amazon and they probably only get about twenty pee anyway.

7. Ross Gilchrist: “I Might Be Crazy, But…”
Oh okay, I got two Scottish cuts on then. Ross Gilchrist plays guitar in the Gantin’ Scriechs, which was how I became aware of his music – but if you’re expecting another Roscoe Vacant here you’ll be disappointed/pleasantly surprised (depending on your point of view when it comes to folk-punkery). Gilchrist’s Feersum Enjiin is loud, catchy, wickedly funny and one of the most bonkers things I have ever heard. And I live with Jay Stringer’s Doctor Who theories.

8. The Damnwells: “You Don’t Have To Like Me To Love Me”
It wasn’t this song I was listening to at the time, but on one of this month’s late night cross-country Megabus trips I felt compelled to put down my copy of Fargo Rock City and comment, in that place we all go to when we’re trying to convince ourselves that we’re not talking to the carpet, that it was impossible to keep your mind in a book about 80s hair metal when the Damnwells’ perfect power-pop was setting off fireworks in your brain. Alex Dezen even RTed it, because he is a boss. I finally caved and ordered a second-hand copy of Air Stereo this month. Best five quid I’ve ever spent.

9. Tommy Stinson: “Meant To Be”
Speaking of 80s hair metal… look who’s taken a break from paying the bills propping up Axl Rose in stadiums across the world and has finally made a follow-up, called One Man Mutiny to 2004’s (2004’s!!) Village Gorilla Head. And it rocks as hard as the first one, although it took me until the end of the second listen to realise that, and I’ve had this one stuck in my head for about three days, or at least I did have until about five minutes ago when I started writing about the Damnwells. Also, there’s a track on there (not this one) that was co-written with Paul Westerberg, so whatever you were planning to say next is invalid pretty much.

10. Blitzen Trapper: “Love The Way You Walk Away
Blitzen Trapper have released, I think, something like seventeen thousand albums since the last one I actually bought. It seems a shame that I keep forgetting about them when they continuously pump out americana-infused melodies as brilliant as this one. American Goldwing is just out, so let’s all do ourselves a favour, yes?

11. [The] Caseworker: “Little Good It Did You”
Hidden Shoal send me press releases all the time, but their stuff is usually too ambient or confusing for straight up gies a banjo/power chord types like me. I haven’t listened to [The] Caseworker properly yet, but this track slipped its way under my radar. You can buy it through Hidden Shoal.

12. Sea Birds: “Cloaks”
Sea Birds is a beautiful, acoustic home-recorded project I discovered through Edinburgh Man. If you like it as much as I do you can download the whole of There Are Things To Come I Can’t Imagine for free.

13. Darren Hanlon: “Folk Insomnia”
Another one of those witty wordsmiths with an acoustic guitar, but this one’s Australian so please do not accuse me of sticking to genre. I believe he played locally recently with somebody I love, but I can’t remember who (sorry, it’s all that talk of Edinburgh Man: my ‘show notes’ have gone to shit). This is from I Will Love You At All, which features people who have worked with other people you may have heard of and is available from Flippin’ Yeah.

14. Low: “Try To Sleep”
Because, when you can’t, you can guarantee Low have made another gorgeous record to keep you company. This track is from this year’s C’mon.

15. Chris T-T: “Hedgehog Song”
Chris T-T? Never heard of ‘im, mate. Don’t know anything about anything that may be happening locally involving him at some point in the near future. But he does have a very nice beard, and when he’s not singing songs about either communism or AA Milne (and sometimes both together) he’s singing songs with hedgehog angels in them. Really. This is from The 253 but you should buy other stuff of his too. Or… nevermind.

16. Kill It Kid: “Home”
The new Kill It Kid album, Feet Fall Heavy< ?a>, is a fierce, feral thing with no intention of playing nice. Read my interview with frontman Chris Turpin.

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Monthly Most Played as of September 2011:
1. The Gaslight Anthem, “We Came To Dance” [=] 2= The Gaslight Anthem, “High Lonesome” [=] 2= Marah, “Walt Whitman Bridge” [=] 4. The Hold Steady, “Banging Camp” [=] 5= The Gaslight Anthem, “The Spirit of Jazz” [=] 5= The Gaslight Anthem, “Old White Lincoln” [7] 7= Frank Turner, “I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous” [5] 7= The Gaslight Anthem, “The ’59 Sound” [=] 9= The Gaslight Anthem, “Great Expectations” [10] 9= The Gaslight Anthem, “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues” [7]