these 21st century anxiety blues: last year’s mixes, 2013;

I’m of the opinion that these things are better late than never, particularly when the music is this good. This year, I’ve once again uploaded what is essentially a three-CD mix into one .zip file, which I hope isn’t too much of a pain for anybody who wants to listen – if it’s too large a file for you, just leave me a note below and I’ll see what I can do.

Regular readers will know that although I of course urge and encourage you to purchase the music included in this sampler if you like it, I won’t be providing the purchase links on this post – I’ve had my fill of that. However, a special shout-out is needed for Jeff Tweedy’s cover of “The Ballad of the Opening Band”, which appears on the Songs For Slim Slim Dunlap benefit compilation. This is a great collection of music to benefit the one-time Replacements guitarist as he lives with the effects of a massive stroke that is expected to debilitate him for the rest of his life – and which brought the band back together – and you should really check out the whole thing.

On to the music!

Nostalgia Kills - Last Year's Mixes 2013

DOWNLOAD: Nostalgia Kills: last year’s mix, 2013 (254MB zip)

TRACKLIST! Vol. 1 (the punk-ish one): 1. Two Cow Garage, “Mantle in ’56”; 2. Jeff Tweedy: “The Ballad of the Opening Band”; 3. Minor Alps: “I Don’t Know What to Do With My Hands”; 4. Quasi: “Nostalgia Kills”; 5. Mike Doughty: “Super Bon Bon”; 6. Larry and his Flask: “Pandemonium”; 7. Lydia Loveless: “Boy Crazy”; 8. Haim: “Honey & I”; 9. Lissie: “The Habit”; 10. Waxahatchee: “Lively”; 11. Vampire Weekend: “Hannah Hunt”; 12. Califone: “Movie Music Steals a Kiss”; 13. Jason Isbell: “Cover Me Up”; 14. The National: “I Need My Girl”; 15. Chris T-T & the Hoodrats: “Gulls”; 16. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper: “The Nothing pt. 2”; 17. Tegan and Sara: “Shock to Your System”

Vol. 2 (the Scott-ish one): 1. Adam Stafford: “Please”; 2. Frightened Rabbit: “Holy”; 3. Sparrow and the Workshop: “Shock Shock”; 4. Randolph’s Leap: “Psychic”; 5. Book Group: “Victory Lap”; 6. Blood Relatives: “Fowl Mouth”; 7. Sarah J Stanley: “The Gardener of Eden”; 8. Cairn String Quartet: “The Mother We Share”; 9. Dave Hughes & the Renegade Folk Punk Band: “As You Are”; 10. Ben Marwood: “Murder She Wrote”; 11. Lovers Turn to Monsters: “Big Fish”; 12. Honeyblood: “Bud”; 13. Kid Canaveral: “Skeletons”; 14. Marnie: “Sugarland”; 15. There Will Be Fireworks: “So Stay Close”; 16. The Twilight Sad: “The Wrong Car” (live at Paisley Abbey with the RSNO)

Vol. 3 (the popp-ish one): 1. Rilo Kiley: “Let Me Back In”; 2. Frank Turner: “Four Simple Words”; 3. Janelle Monae: “Dance Apocalyptic”; 4. MS MR: “Hurricanes” (CHVRCHES remix); 5. Hey Anna: “Dance Until Three”; 6. The History of Apple Pie: “You’re So Cool”; 7. Colour Me Wednesday: “Shut”; 8. Veronica Falls: “Broken Toy”; 9. Giant Drag: “We Like The Weather”; 10. Caitlin Rose: “Waiting on a Broken Heart”; 11. The Fauns: “Let’s Go”; 12. Sleigh Bells: “Minnie”; 13. The Julie Ruin: “Girls Like Us”; 14. Lorde: “Swinging Party”; 15. Sky Larkin: “Newsworthy”; 16. LOLO: “Year Round Summer of Love”; 17. David Byrne & St Vincent: “Road to Nowhere” (live)