this year’s been black and blue: last year’s mixes, 2009;

Resolving nothing more different than usual, but earlier today I posted something of a toast to the coming year on Facebook which I shall reprint for whatever passes for posterity on the internet:

“…[T]o beauty, inspiration, adventure and the people I’ll meet along the way. To making shit up and writing it down. To friends and schemes and gin and laughs and plans. To upteen bands who make me want to change my religious beliefs. To being an old married lady, but still an incorrigible flirt. To high-top sneakers and sailor tattoos, and learning to walk in my four-inch Vivienne Westwood heels. And, above all, to a year I’ll be sad to see over for once.

So it might not have been the best – but there are mere hours to go now, and I can’t wait for next year.

LYMix 2009 Side A: You've Been Wishing Weeks AwayLYMix 2009 Side B: This Year's Been Black and Blue
Side A: You’ve Been Wishing Weeks Away [download zip] [tracklisting] Side B: This Year’s Been Black and Blue [download zip] [tracklisting]

Here’s hoping 2010 brings you all you wish for, guys. Thanks for sticking around.