we are the last of the true: last month’s mix, october 2008;

This is my favourite kind of weather; hats and tights and my new pink fingerless mittens in an age 6-10 from Accessorise. I crunch-crunch-crunch through the fallen leaves that can’t rot for freezing on the path, and smile as my breath leaves vapour trails in the evening air. I’m feeling positive tonight, despite the sleepless-inspired migraine, and I’m even happy enough to pull an earphone out and chat to the guy beside me as we wait to cross the road. “Cold out, but I’m well protected,” he says with a smile as he pats his ample belly. He agrees that he’s perfectly happy as long as the air stays dry, and tells me he feels like a dragon as he watches his breath. “People look at you like you’re crazy, and I don’t care,” he says as I skip across the crossing.

Future posts on this blog occupy the depths of my inbox, mental post-it notes to keep me right while I’m too busy to check in so often and warm on these cold winter nights. But you still get your mix CD, so it could be worse.

Lend Me Your Ears: last month’s mix, October 2008
1. The Pogues: “Body of an American”
2. The Mountain Goats: “This Year”
3. The Gaslight Anthem: “The ’59 Sound”
4. The Felice Brothers: “Saint Stephen’s End”
5. Jesse Malin: “Lady From Baltimore”
6. Elliott Smith: “No Name 4”
7. Ben Nichols: “The Kid”
8. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: “Crossed Out Name”
9. Clem Snide: “Sweet Mother Russia”
10. Malcolm Middleton: “A Brighter Beat”
11. Ruth Notman: “Still I Love Him”
12. Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert: “Precious Friend”
13. Songs:Ohia: “Leave The City” [session] 14. Bon Iver: “Flume”
15. Tom Waits: “Never Let Go”
16. Slow Club: “When I Go”

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Monthly Most Played after the jump.

Monthly Most Played as of October 2008:
1. The Hold Steady, “Sequestered in Memphis” [=] 2. The Hold Steady, “Lord, I’m Discouraged” [3] 3= The Hold Steady, “Constructive Summer” [=] 3= The Hold Steady, “Magazines” [2] 5= Marah, “Walt Whitman Bridge” [=] 5= Matthew Ryan, “Dulce Et Decorum Est” [9] 7. The Hold Steady, “One For The Cutters” [5] 8= The National, “Thirsty” [=] 8= Red House Painters, “Have You Forgotten” [NE] 10= Bruce Springsteen, “Thunder Road” [RE] 10= The Hold Steady, “Banging Camp” [NE] 10= The Hold Steady, “Yeah Sapphire” [8] 10= The Hold Steady, “Both Crosses” [9] 10= Kathleen Edwards, “The Cheapest Key” [NE] 10= The National, “Start A War” [NE] 10= Sun Kil Moon, “Lily and Parrots” [NE]