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Last Year's Girl - Late Night Style

Given the standard of the competition, I don’t think that there was ever much chance of me winning Glasgow’s Late Night Shopping blogger challenge – in the end, that honour went to Ann Russell of Frocktrade for this deliciously bubblegum display – but in the end, that didn’t matter because getting the chance to design my own window display was plenty of fun! With the help of my best friend from primary school, who I hadn’t seen in 15 years (and who I had already arranged to meet up with that night, before you think I’m that much of a user!) and armed only with some hazy idea of “festival style”, we set to work.

Late Night Style Challenge - Saffron wrestles a mannequin
Late Night Style Challenge - mannequin wrestling

First of all, I think I speak for both Saffron and myself when I express a new-found admiration for those who do this for a living. Mannequins are hard work! We kept panicking as we stretched the clothes over them, convinced that we were going to rip the things that we had borrowed – until, just when we could stretch no more, an arm popped off like it was supposed to do in the first place.

Late Night Glasgow - Through the window...
Late Night Style - Window Dressing

I didn’t go in with much of a plan beyond hanging a set of headphones around the neck of one of my festival-going mannequins, which is why John Lewis was my first stop. Given that I’m currently planning how to style my first home I was surprised by what a treasure trove the place was, and I was also distracted by pretty cushions and the gorgeous retro-style DAB radio that became the centrepiece of the display.

Late Night Style - hashtag sideeye
Late Night Style - Finished window

I thought the clothes would be the biggest problem as I’d be too spoiled for choice to narrow down my options in an hour, but the navy and white dress worn by the mannequin on the left caught my eye in the window of Quiz right away. In fact, you could probably say that that mannequin is dressed as me (the yellow cardigan and sandshoes that finish the outfit are from Next) and I have every intention of buying that ensemble when I get paid this month. The shorts and butterfly-print t-shirt are also from Quiz, while the orange dress – an instant favourite of Saffron’s – is from JOY and paired with a denim jacket from Next.

Thanks to People Make Glasgow for the invite – even if you’ve gotten me determined to spend money I don’t have now – and Liam Reid for the photos.



  1. March 23, 2014 / 5:05 pm

    It all looks like so much fun! I love the look on the left – it is very you 🙂