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Would you believe me if I told you that I hated shopping?

Sure,I love having new things. I love wandering aimlessly through shopping centres, and I love spending money. But I hate – hate – having to shop for a specific item, and never more so than when that item is one of the “essentials”.

You know. Coats. Boots. Bags.

(Okay, the last of those stopped being true when I discovered Kate Spade … but I digress.)

For that reason, when I find essential items that meet my needs, I wear them into the proverbial grave. There’s a grey, star-printed hoodie I wear to the gym that I’m fairly sure is older than Charlotte, and that only fits because it has lost all definition. I took my laptop up to T in the Park this year in my old backpack from high school, band patches sewn over the sports logos. My winter coat of choice – a TopShop duffle – is, I believe, in its seventh year.

And my winter boots? Well, they were one of my favourite ever things: a $15 Modcloth Stylish Surprise that for once went in my favour, worth over a hundred quid and lacing up to just below the knee. Also? A suede-y material that, a couple of weeks ago when the cat decided to use them as a toilet, couldn’t be saved.

So when Morlands of Glastonbury got in touch to ask if they could send me a pair of their luxury sheepskin boots or slippers – well, I didn’t hesitate.

Morlands of Glastonbury - OOTD
Morlands of Glastonbury - OOTD

I gotta talk about this pink jacket first though. It’s by Yumi – one of my favourite brands – and I spotted it on their website during their summer sale reduced from £85 to £15. FIFTEEN. QUID. That’s the kind of shopping I can get behind. Pink isn’t really a colour I wear a lot, so before I jumped at it I messaged my sister in Dubai to see what she thought of it. Her response? “I’ve transferred £15 into your bank account – buy it.”

The woollen skirt was another wee bargain, this time from London indie label Tara Starlet – which, I have just discovered, this week ceased trading after 11 years making striking, one-of-a-kind fashion with a nostalgic vibe. I’m glad that I bought this and one of their polka dot blouses, also in the sale, while I had the chance.

Morlands of Glastonbury - OOTD

Established in 1870, Morlands started out making luxury slippers from sheepskin offcuts – before expanding its range to include coats, rugs, boots and foot muffs for motor cars and drivers in the early 20th century. Their product range today builds on that heritage (they still make sheepskin mats for the luxury car market) while reflecting contemporary style.

The Sandra boot*, which I’m wearing here, is available in both black and brown and has a luxurious, fleecy lining, for maximum comfort and warmth. Modelled on the traditional riding boot with suede panelling and a blocky heel, these boots are a great way to update my little dresses for winter – but will also look great with a pair of skinny jeans.

The only downside is that the tapered design doesn’t leave much room for manoeuvre if, like me, your lower half combines tiny feet with substantial calves. It meant that I wasn’t able to pull the zip all the way up, even though I opted for the larger of the shoe sizes I normally cycle between. I wasn’t hugely bothered though, as their figure-hugging style still lay flush against my leg.

Morlands of Glastonbury - OOTD
Morlands of Glastonbury - OOTD

Can I get a round of applause for my mum, incidentally? She took these photos for me over at Silverburn on the sort of lovely autumnal day these boots seemed to be made for.

BOOTS*: Morlands of Glastonbury
SKIRT: Tara Starlet
COAT: Yumi
EARRINGS: Tooth and Nail

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