worth going out for in march 2018;

The good thing about this column arriving slightly later than intended?

I don’t think there’s a person in Scotland who isn’t desperate for an excuse to leave the house right now.

Snowmageddon 2018

So, how did you spend Snowmaggeddon 2018? Turns out the big downside of the modern working practices my day job is embracing is the very flexibility we were attracted to in the first place. No cheeky days off playing in the snow for me while the rest of the country shut down: instead, I sat in my messy home office watching delighted schoolkids stream by the window while I worked as normal on a laptop half the size of the MacBook I use for my freelance work. With the occasional break every time there appeared to be a 20 minute window in which Tesco might be open.

But while the country defrosts and attempts to get back to normal, this coming week will be anything but for me. As you’re reading this, I’ll be in Birmingham for a different kind of work project that couldn’t be more up my street; then I’m back in the office for a couple of days before heading down to London to see my best band perform the album I fell in love with them to.

It means I’ll be missing a good chunk of what I’ve listed below, but as I explained last month: everything here comes highly recommended. It’s a little Glasgow-centric this month, for which I can only apologise, but such is life in my inbox right now I’m afraid. Serves me right for reporting everybody who adds me to a mailing list without my consent these days as spam (j/k, I do not do this for Scottish cultural people, but I figure Norwegian metal and Floridian rappers should probably visit the blogs they’re attempting to pitch to first maybe?).

As ever, read this in conjunction with my Gig Calendar for music-specific recs.

8th March, Edinburgh
Flint & Pitch Presents: Kirsty Law’s Young Night Thought
The Voodoo Rooms, 7:30pm tickets

Named after a lesser-known Robert Louis Stephenson poem, Young Night Thought is an ambitious, audio-visual album project by contemporary Scottish folk musician Kirsty Law. Written in both Scots and English, the project consists of an album, short film and triptych of paintings, which explore the concept of the “inner child” and its rediscovery in adulthood through a lens of Scottish folklore.

The project launch show includes a full set from the band, also featuring guest collaborators Karine Polwart, Jarlath Henderson and TeenCanteen’s Carla Easton, support from UrbanFarmHand (Ben Seal, Siobhan Wilson and Calum Mcintyre) and a DJ set from Dolphin Boy. If you can’t make it to the launch, Kirsty will be touring in support of the album throughout Scotland in April and May: check out her website for dates.

Young Night Thought - Moving Flame by Kirsty Whiten

10th March, Glasgow
Cineworld Presents: The IMAX Film Fest 2018
Glasgow Science Centre, from 10am tickets

When I think back on my first IMAX cinema experience, what I remember most was the scale. A jaw-dropping, floor-to-ceiling screen; a vertigo-inducing ascent by the Batman along some cityscape-or-other. The film doesn’t stick with me as much as the sharp intake of breath that opening shot generated.

It’s an experience that Cineworld would like more people to enjoy, and so on Saturday, 10th March you can see one of the best films of last year on the city’s biggest screen. Choose from the live action Beauty and the Beast, Dunkirk, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, IT and Thor: Ragnorok – and the best bit? It’s only £3 a ticket! The films are even staggered throughout the day, so you can enjoy all five for… roughly the same as what it would cost to go to the cinema in town.

10th March, Glasgow
Pretty Ugly’s Girls to the Front for International Women’s Day
The Admiral Bar, 11pm

In the week of International Women’s Day, it stands to reason that Glasgow’s longest-running female fronted club night Pretty Ugly would be up for a party. DJs Lynne Johnston and Aarti Joshi promise top tunes and dodgy moves from the likes of Blondie, Kylie, The Breeders, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child and Diana Ross until the wee hours.

Pretty Ugly Girls to the Front March 2018
Bongo's Bingo - win a pink unicorn!

16th March, Glasgow
Bongo’s Bingo St Patrick Day Special ft. Boyzlife
SWG3, 6pm tickets

Who would have thought, when Buffy and I used to play Friday night bingo back in our home town, that it would one day become cool? Part bingo, part club night, I’ve been getting press releases from Bongo’s Bingo for at least six months, although its midweek timeslot and off-the-beaten-track location means I’ve yet to experience it for myself (Codie has though!).

For St Patrick’s Day, Bongo’s welcomes Irish super-duo Boyzlife (Keith from Boyzone and Brian from Westlife… it’s a money-spinner) for a live performance plus the chance to win cash and “shit” prizes including boxes of Coco Pops and life-size cardboard cut-outs. Despite sounding niche af, these nights always sell out – but they’re launching in Aberdeen next month, so you can try your luck there too!

27th March, Glasgow
Lyrical Life Lessons launch gig: Foreignfox and Ultras
Stereo, 7pm tickets

A new project from Caishnah Nevans, the local artist behind the music-inspired Lola Polooza Design, Lyrical Life Lessons celebrates the power music and lyrics can have on our mental health. Eventually encompassing interviews, visual art, art workshops and prints, Lyrical Life Lessons officially launches this month with a musical celebration, featuring Foreignfox and ULTRAS.

Lyrical Life Lessons would love to hear about the music and lyrics that mean the most to you ahead of the site’s launch, which you can do by filling in a short form.

L Space by Richard Hanrahan

31st March, Glasgow
Last Night From Glasgow Bigger Birthday Bash
Stereo and Old Hairdressers, 7pm tickets

Celebrating two years of one of Scotland’s most innovative record labels, Last Night From Glasgow, whose crowdfunded approach means they can take a chance on acts who’d struggle to justify vinyl releases otherwise. Although, with a new album from indie legends bis on their 2018 release radar, it’s not just new names who can see the merits of the LNFG approach.

bis top a Stereo bill which also features LNFG stalwart Stephen Solo (opening and compering), Sun Rose and L-Space, before the party continues over the road at The Old Hairdressers with a late night DJ.

What are you looking forward to this month? Plug anything I’ve missed in the comments!

Photo credits: Kirsty Whiten, Richard Hanrahan